Get paid to learn anything.

The informal, social learning app that rewards you with crypto tokens and NFT certificates.

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It's time to learn freely.

We're cutting out the educational middlemen to connect learners and experts.

Education's 3 Woes

The world has moved on, but education is still lumbering along on the ancient systems of the past. We aim to solve the 3 biggest issues facing education today - affordability, access, and accreditation.


is the total U.S. student debt

Why is student debt still a thing? We can earn money playing video games, but we can't learn and earn? Come on.


of the world has no college degree

Yes, college is worthwhile, but it's certainly not accessible to everyone. By the stats, it's for elites. We should change that.


credentials are universal

Good luck getting institutions of any kind to play nicely together. Nothing is interoperable in education and it sucks.

The best learning occurs when learners are self-directed, in community with others, and engage with high-quality content tailored to their interests.

The Hedgefox Solution

Our work is but a stepping stone on the path to remaking education for the 22nd century.

Reward Completions

Students and creators are rewarded with crypto tokens upon completing work on the platform, creating incentives and removing financial barriers to education.

Our awesome features
Recognize Contributors

Upon completing credentials, students and creators obtain a verifiable, universal credential issued by the creator themselves, not Hedgefox.

Our awesome features
Restore Consensus

The best content on the internet is free, open for critique and open to contributions. We believe education could be the same.

Our awesome features
Remain Sustainable

We leverage the power of decentralized finance, token burns, and protocol owned liquidity to keep paying out to students and creators.

Our awesome features
Re-envision Pedagogy

Through chunking, spaced repetition, and threaded content, we're refreshing instructional design so that anyone can make high quality educational content.

Our awesome features


We're working, as a community, towards making education learner-focused, community-owned, and dare we say it - profitable.

Our awesome features
Building Community and App Version 1

In Phase 1, we're focused on building version 1 of the app and creating a small, yet highly engaged and self-sustaining community of learners, creators, and investors.

Our awesome features
Scaling Up and Going Pro

In Phase 2, we'll focus on enhancing the stability and quality of the app as well as introduce a formal professional side that is focused on institutions and organizations.

Our awesome features
Decentralizing Academia

Phase 3 will focus on creating a truly decentralized platform and community with both a social side and a professional side. We'll form a DAO and re-evaluate tokenomics and roadmap items.

Education needs new doors

Not everyone is able to go to college. Not everyone wants to go to college. We need a new path that is sustainable, engaging, rewarding, and provides a super-sticky learning experience.

Initial Token Distribution

HFOX is the token that powers the Hedgefox ecosystem. The initial and maximum supply of the token is 1.65 Billion, distributed according to the chart to the right.

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Check out our NFT project!

Help support our purpose early by minting a Hedgefoxes NFT. Minting a Hedgefox gives you access to the app Beta, HFOX token airdrop, and exclusive Discord channels.

Partners and Friends

Let's build a new paradigm in education.